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Blackhawk Waltz

Here’s an old parlor piano piece written in 1877 that was originally in Eb, but transposed here for autoharp and mountain Dulcimer to the key of D.  The third part of the tune modulates to the key of G, but then goes back to the first and second sections in D.  Feel free to fill in those dotted quarter notes with some light strums to give it a lilting waltz feel.  You can hear an audio version of this tune on John & Heidi’s 2013 recording, “Stay on the Farm“.

Click Here for an Adobe Acrobat version of the Mountain Dulcimer TAB
Click Here for an Adobe Acrobat version of the Autoharp TAB.
Click Here for a
n MIDI version of the basic tune.

More Tunes from the Doofus Archives in Adobe Acrobat and MIDI or MP-3 Formats

Mountain Dulcimer


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